Fall 2021 Swim Lesson COVID-19 Procedures

1.   Family arrives in the Meadowbrook parking lot.

2.   Five minutes before lesson starts, the parent brings the swimmer to the front desk. Swimmers must be wearing their mask and have a towel and goggles with them.

3.   Meadowbrook Front Desk receptionist greets the swimmer, checks name off for attendance, and directs the swimmer to a spot in the lobby to wait for their lesson to be called.

4.   At the time of the lesson On Deck person will direct the children into the pool area to hang up their towel and mask on a hook and proceed to their instructor. Instructors will not wear masks in the water.

5.   Fun lessons happen in the pool area with socially distancing.

6.    One parent per swimmer may wait in the lobby to observe during the lesson.  Other parents may watch lesson via the SPOT TV app.

7. When the lesson is over. Children are directed by On Deck person to get out of the pool and get their towel and mask off their hook.

8. The children are then picked up by their parents in the lobby as soon as the class is dismissed.

9.  Showering in the locker room is still not permitted however a quick change will be allowed.  One parent and swimmer may go in to change.  Only 12 people are allowed in the women’s locker room and 10 in the men’s locker room.  We have yellow fobs hanging at the exterior of the locker room.  When you enter the locker room take a fob (or two if parent and child) and once in the locker room make sure to keep your mask on and observe social distance spaces.  After your quick change replace your fob(s) on the way out.  If you arrive and there are not fobs available then the locker room is full and you will need to wait for someone to come out before you enter.     

Thank you for supporting us and being considerate of all our families as we make swimmers better and faster each day.