Meadowbrook Fitness @ HOME

While we all stay at home during the Coronavirus we have some remote offerings for your Fitness needs

Personal Training with Neil or Alexandra via Zoom* – in the privacy of your own home!  Our One-on-One training in a remote way.  Reach out to Alexandra at or Neil at

Recorded Tai Chi Class!!  Try it! Click HERE

Recorded Chair Yoga!!  Try it! Click HERE

Recorded Vinyasa Yoga!!  Try it! Click HERE

Recorded Stretch with Neil!! Try it!  Click HERE

Recorded Home Workout with Neil!! Try it! Click HERE

Daily Group Ex Classes*

Tai Chi, Yoga, Boot Camp, Strength & Stretch –

Schedule and link to class HERE:                                                                  

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Bootcamp 8:15 am Click HERE

Monday Cycle* with Brittany 6pm Click HERE

Tuesday Strength Interval with Stretch 6:15 am Click HERE

Tuesday Qigong 10 am Click HERE    

Tuesday Qigong 10am special Zoom link for July 28th ONLY HERE 

Wednesday Chair Strength & Stretch  10:30am Click HERE 

Wednesday Yoga 12 noon Click HERE    

Thursday Strength Interval with Stretch 6:15 am Click HERE   

Thursday Tai Chi 10 am Click HERE       

Thursday Cycle* with Brittany  11:30 am Click HERE

Friday Cycle* with Brittany  6:00 am Click HERE

Saturday Bootcamp 9:00 am Click HERE

Saturday Yoga 11 am Click HERE

*  If you would like the intervals for Brittany’s cycle class email   And you will need a bike and trainer for this class.

May 13th, 6:30pm   Shoulder Seminar

With Dr. Andrew Cosgarea and Scott Heinlin, PT

Recorded Seminar HERE 

You may download the Zoom app or open meeting link directly into your browser