I have been a member of Meadowbrook for 27 years. I spent many of my early childhood years participating in swimming lessons, summer camps, and tennis clinics. As I grew older, Meadowbrook became "my beach." I could not wait to rush to the pool to spend hours in the sun on the white sand. In turn, I have made numerous friends, some of which have become family. This past Spring a new "Meadowbrook friend" entered my life. I could tell from the first day Troy was special. With ballet as my main athletic background, I have worked with many different teachers and coaches.

I could immediately tell Troy had a genuine passion for his career, which made me feel that I was in good hands. I have now worked with Troy for over six months and have noticed many changes in my overall health, energy level, nutrition, and strength. Though sometimes I dread my challenging workouts with Troy, his positive energy, constant motivation, and support push me. Even when I want to stop, I know I won't stop for Troy. Troy's workouts are very difficult, but tend to go by fast because of the variety of exercises which change every week. Troy truly cares about his clients, their goals, and the results they want to achieve. He created a personalized nutrition plan for me, which I can always refer back to when I need to be reminded. Troy constantly checks in on my eating habits, work out goals, and how I feel overall. Since working with Troy, I have become more focused on working out, my eating habits, and health. I want to reach my goals with Troy and now work harder on my own to perform better. Troy trains his clients for all different reasons and each workout is personalized to work towards attaining a goal.

I am extremely lucky to have Troy has my personal trainer and friend. No matter how hard the work out they both start and end with a big smile from both of us. He has pushed me to work hard and because of this, I have attained positive results. I encourage anyone who wants to attain a goal, whether it be weight loss, strength training, or training for particular athletic event to work with Troy. He will not tell you how to reach your goals, he will take the journey with

- Emily Davis
I decided to seek help from Troy for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to change the unhealthy eating and exercise habits I had developed throughout my first two years of college. Another reason was that my mother had been training with Troy for the past few months and I had already noticed amazing improvements in both her physical appearance and overall wellbeing.

Based on my mother’s success, I went into training with high expectations, and I am happy to say that Troy surpassed them. With only two short months to train with him before heading back to school, I told him that my main goal was to learn how to eat and exercise well and to maintain this healthy lifestyle even after I stopped training with him. Not only did Troy give me the knowledge to achieve this independence, but he also helped me build the physical strength and endurance I needed to continue training on my own.

After following Troy’s nutrition plan and workouts for the first week, I already noticed a huge increase in my energy levels. In the following weeks, I noticed improvements in my fitness, including both endurance and strength. By the end of my two months with him, changes in my physique were apparent, as I had a more lean and muscular build. I never thought all of these goals and more could be met in only two months, but Troy made it possible.

Individual sessions with Troy are difficult, but never discouraging. While he is always ready to challenge you with new exercises, he is also very cognizant of potential injuries and understanding of how you might just be having an off day. His personable and energetic demeanor made me excited to head to the gym each day. Even outside of the gym, Troy was always sending me emails with extra nutrition facts or uplifting messages. His love for fitness and care for his clients is evident in my successful summer with him. I would recommend Troy’s personal training to anyone.

- Laurel Meyer

I first had the idea to swim the English Channel about a year ago. At the time, this goal seemed nearly impossible. The English Channel is considered the Mount Everest for the endurance swimmer: it is the ultimate challenge. Many swimmers, although well trained and mentally dedicated, have not been successful in crossing the perilous waters. In fact, more people have climbed Mount Everest or visited outer space than have successfully crossed the English Channel. The currents in the channel prove to be some of the most difficult in the world, and an athlete will often travel more than 44km by the time the crossing is complete. The channel is an incredibly dangerous swim and athletes often suffer from extreme cramping, sickness, and hypothermia.

When I first met Troy, I had absolutely no idea how much he would help me along my journey. From the moment I walked in the door at Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, I knew that I was in good hands. Although Troy’s workouts are incredibly difficult, he was always there to support me, remind me of my goals, and push me through the pain. He always added plenty of variety to the workouts, which made the time go faster. Troy personalized a nutrition plan for me (as he does with all of this clients) and he constantly reminded me of my eating habits and would even send me text messages during the day to remind me to stay focused on my food and fluid intake. Troy spends countless hours on the weekend formatting 100% individualized workout plans for his clients. For the duration of Troy’s workouts, it was necessary that I was completely focused on the task at hand. His workouts require an incredible amount of mental strength and this focus, without a doubt, helped improve a lot of aspects of my life. Troy goes above and beyond his normal duties to ensure his clients reach their goals.

I was a collegiate swimmer and athlete. I have had a lot of strength coaches and personal trainers. I can say, without a doubt, that Troy is the best personal trainer that I have ever worked with. Working with Troy was absolutely essential and instrumental in my successful channel swim. Without Troy, I would not have been successful in my goals. We all have different goals. For me, it was swimming the English Channel. For a lot of people, it is living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight. Whether you are a world-class athlete, want to simply get in shape, or lose weight, Troy is the personal trainer for you. Troy will, without a doubt, get you to your goal.

The final thing, and in my opinion the most important, is that Troy genuinely cares about his clients. He is concerned with their well-being and he is extremely passionate about his job. He will work extremely hard for you and go above and beyond his normal call of duty to ensure that you are happy and feel good about yourself. Give Troy a chance to work with you, and he will make great changes in your life!

–Devin Wahl





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