The Swim Practice Groups

For the Summer of 2021 we will combine the Swim Practice – Intro and Advanced Levels

This group is for children who have passed the Intermediate Level and have been evaluated by one of our coaches or have been in the Swim Practice group previously.  This group will work on the skills needed to complete a Swim Practice: proper send-offs and finishes, use of a pace clock, and interval training as well a skill focus each practice. 

This group is for children 7-14 years old.  

The Summer 2021 session is Thursday, June 3rd – Thursday, July 29th.  

The practice is one hour in length.  6pm – 7pm and you may chose once or twice per week.

Once per week is $130   –   Twice per week is $195    –   

Choice of Day(s):

Monday 6pm  AND/OR

Thursday 6pm  OR


Evaluations will be held by appointment.  Email 

The Swim Practices will be coached by our Meadowbrook Coaches.  John Cadigan (MBK General Manager and Coach), Kailey Morris (MBK Lesson Program Director and Coach),  Darla Long (Goucher College Assistant Coach and MBK Tomatoes Coach) and Emily O’Halleran.

For information or to enroll or schedule an evaluation email

Contact us:

(410) 433-8300

Vist us: 5700 Cottonworth Ave. Baltimore, MD 21209

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